Styku Body Scanner

What is the body scanner?

The Styku body scanner is a full body measuring tool. The scanner uses a infrared laser to measure circumferences across your body to create:

  • Body fat analysis
  • Fat loss calculator
  • Calorie calculator
  • Waist analysis
  • Health risk analysis
  • Risk reduction calculator

Accurate body fat reading

The Styku turntable rotates 360 degrees, allowing a full external body scan for an accurate body fat measurement.

Ensuring body fat is in optimal range is great for:

  • Regulating blood sugar (lower diabetes risk)
  • Improving heart health (lower heart attack/ stroke risk)
  • Decrease joint pain
  • Increasing energy levels

Using the body fat reduction calculator, we can set realistic targets and calculate goals for daily calorie intake. The Styku calculates a risk analysis that complements the body fat reading. Using these calculations allows your Personal Trainer to devise a lifestyle plan that ensures a reduction in body fat whilst optimising your health gains.

Complete range of body measurements

Styku scans your body 25 times measuring body circumference from head to toe. Gains can be seen in body weight and comparison with previous scans to monitor and track your progress. Styku is able to analyse:

  • lean mass (%)
  • body fat (%)
  • visceral fat measurement (fat around body organs)
  • subcutaneous fat measurement (fat close to the skin)
  • Gynoid Fat measurement (Body fat distribution around the body)
  • Android Fat measurement (distribution of fat around the buttocks and upper body, in areas such as the abdomen, chest, shoulder and nape of the neck).

What is a metabolic rate?

The metabolic rate is the number of calories used by the body to allow normal function and it fluctuates during the day. When you rest your metabolic rate is low and so you need less calories. When you exercise the metabolic rate is higher and your body needs more calories to maintain function. Understanding this pattern and moderating your diet is the easiest way to ensure your body functions normally, and more importantly you consume enough calories for health rather than input in excess that is ultimately stored as body fat.

To reduce body fat you will need to reduce the number of calories eaten during the day, this is termed calorie deficit. By consuming less than you need your body will convert body fat into energy.
The Styku can accurately calculate a small caloric deficit to ensure a reduction in body fat. The smaller and more accurate the deficit the easier it will be to hit targets. Once the target is achieved, the caloric deficit can be increased back to maintenance level to stabilise the percentage of body fat. These calculations are based on your personal metrics to ensure a plan that is individually tailored and based on your average daily requirements.

Tailored calorie calculation

Identifying your metabolic rate is key to maintaining a high energy balance through the day.

Health risk analysis

The Styku health risk analysis utilises the measurements mentioned previously and collates this to provide an estimation of the health benefits that can be achieved through changes in lifestyle. Rather than left to chance, Styku provides information that allows gradual changes that maximise health benefits through the setting of achievable goals.

Visualise your progress

Styku provides graphs that are easy to understand and allows you to visualise the gains made over time. This allows body shape comparison as well as hard metrics such as weight, body fat reduction and an increase in the percentage of lean mass. Monitoring changes improves compliance with your goals and provides motivation to strive for more ambitious targets.

Using the calculators we can customise training and nutrition programs your individual needs. Focusing on what goals you deem to be important. This can range from body sculpting and fat loss to reducing health related risks. The Styku re creates a 3D image of yourself, allowing you to compare scans and visually see your progress.

What measurements does the scanner show?

  • Fat mass and body fat percentage
  • Lean mass and lean mass percentage)
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat (Fat around your organs)
  • Gynoid mass (body fat around the hips)
  • Subcutaneous fat (Fat just under the skin)
  • Bone Density
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Total weight
  • Body measurements
  • Calves
  • Thighs
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Neck

Lean Mass

The body scanner enables me to visualise my progress, this makes training so much easier and I'm constantly motivated to keep pushing for more"

Body Fat

There are so many variables that come into play when measuring your health. Your body composition is most likely to indicate your level of health and fitness, which is more accurate than relying on you bathroom scales.

If you would like to book a scan or for any further information you can enquire through our message system.