Health & Vitamins

Why are vitamins so important?

We all want to look good and feel healthy and although eating a balanced diet will give most of the essential nutrients that we need, our employment or lifestyle may mean that we’re deficient in some essential vitamins. A vitamin is a micronutrient that is required for normal body functions. Present in very small concentrations, vitamins ensure maintenance of all body systems and ensures your health and well-being.

At Fitness Project, we offer further a range of blood tests to identify any deficits and provide insight into your nutritional status. This forms the basis of a plan to develop a healthy, balanced nutritional input or if needed, give information on supplementation of your diet to bring vitamin ranges to their optimal level.

Each vitamin works at an optimal range and blood analysis provides results in an easy to interpret format that forms the basis of a nutritional plan to restore or maintain health and well-being.

Vitamin D

Treat depression, mood boost

Build a tolerance to UV rays

•  Assist bone and Tissue production

•  Support immune system

Vitamin B12

Increase energy balance

Mood boosting

Assist with immune system

Creates healthy blood cells

Vitamin C

Growth and development of all body tissue

Boost immunity

Promotes healthy brain function

Assists iron absorption increasing blood health

Food intolerance test:

Eliminate food that’s don’t benefit you as an individual

Reduce stomach pains & bloating

Absorb more nutrients

Adjust your diet so it’s fully personal to yourself

Vitamin D

It is well known that serious deficiencies in Vitamin D will cause Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in Adults. What is not so well known is that Vitamin D is essential for the maintenance of bone health and growth as it has a close relationship with the mineral Calcium, assists the normal function of the immune system and helps rebuild cells in the body.

Vitamin D is found in meat, a variety of dairy products and additionally produced when your skin is exposed to sunshine. All too often a poor diet, lack of exposure to sunlight as a result of employment or poor weather or lifestyle choices means that you may be at risk of low levels of Vitamin D.

At Fitness Project, we offer Vitamin D analysis through a blood test. Advice is then given on a balanced diet, supplementation or sun bed therapy. At fitness project we have a sun bed that utilises light wavelengths that stimulate the skin to produce Vitamin D in a safe and controlled environment.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for the creation of red blood cells.  Red blood cells or erthyroctyes carry oxygen around the body to nourish the bodies cells and removes carbon dioxide. This process of cellular respiration is crucial to a heathy lifestyle and Vitamin B12 is essential to this process.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anaemia and presents with symptoms such as dizziness, constant feeling of fatigue and pale skin.

Following a blood test to determine if you have a deficiency in Vitamin B12 or if you would like to top up your vitamin B12 levels regardless, we offer injections administered by a trained healthcare professional.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is essential for the protection of body cells, and the maintenance of healthy skin, blood vessels, bone and cartilage. Found in citrus fruits and many vegetables Vitamin C is essential for health and well-being

Following a blood test to determine if you have a deficiency in Vitamin C or if you would like to top up your vitamin C levels regardless, we offer injections administered by a trained healthcare professional.

Food intolerance

Nut and Gluten intolerances are well known, however it is not as well known that the body can develop intolerances to other food groups. Symptoms of these intolerances can easily identified, but identifying what is causing these symptoms is impossible with such a wide variety of diet.

Common symptoms of food intolerances include, Headache, Bloating, stomach pains, irritability and cramps. When your body has built and intolerance to a certain food, the nutrient value of that food cannot be consumed and goes to waste, over time this can develop a deficiency leading to health complications.

At fitness project we offer a range of tests that can isolate any foods that should be reduced or avoided completely to provide a complete picture of your diet. The food intolerance test is administered by a healthcare professional along with any other advice and guidance you may seek.

What Clients Are Saying

I hadn’t been feeling great and my running was becoming slower. My PT signposted me to having some blood tests done which consequently gave me the ammunition I needed to get my GP to listen. After more blood tests and scans, I have been referred to a specialist who I hope will finally propose some course of treatment for an underline health condition.


I used Fitness Project with Katie to identify my intolerance to foods that affect my IBS. It has made a huge difference to my health and well-being. I am grateful to Fitness Project for making such a huge improvement to my life