Bespoke 1 To 1 Training

I'm Alice.
Your Personal Trainer.

I have worked in the Fitness Industry for 5 years and I love every second of it. There is nothing better than supporting my clients through their fitness journey with tailored plans that are challenging, interesting but most importantly, fun! From being on a weight loss journey myself and improving my long distance running to marathon level, I hold a lot of motivation & discipline which I bring with me to every PT session.
I believe your cognitive health also plays a huge part in your overall results. Training at an effective level will not only improve your physical health but will pump up your endorphins to create that feel-good hormone, this will leave you feeling positive & excited to take on your next session!
Whether you’re looking to gain/loose weight, increase your muscle mass, improve your cardio fitness or just want get your blood pumping and relieve some stress…I have a session ready for you!

Personal Hobbies:
Long Distance Running
Pole Fitness
HIIT Training
Resistance Training


Indoor Cycling
Circuit/Kettlebell Training
First Aid Trained


Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing
Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Level 2 Certificate in Pole Fitness

What can I do for you?

Megan is an experienced personal trainer of 4 years. Megan specialises in learning specific progressive movements in the gym through accurate speed, strength and power. This style of training helps posture and core strength essential in everyday life. Performing these exercises correctly under the guidance of an experienced trainer will ensure your body will naturally re-align itself through a series of movement patterns that promotes health and vitality.

Move more effortlessly

It’s all about being able to move about with less restriction, enjoying adaptability of movement for all sorts of purposes through the use 3D movement patterns and using the space around us to move in. This could be something as simple as picking something up from the floor (like a heavy parcel), or running, wrestling with your kids or siblings or as a sport, throwing, jumping… whatever activity you particularly enjoy and want to continue doing well at.

45min Boxing

Boxing is a perfect addition to your everyday exercises, as it further enhances your muscular strength and boosts your cardio endurance. That and you are moving in multiple directions making full use of the body you have.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a self-massage technique which is done to break up fascial restrictions which in turn helps to reset the body more easily allows better movement patterns. It also helps to relieve joint pain. I recommend this as a starting point to any of my programmes and will take no longer than a month.

Improve Posture

Posture is quite possibly the most underrated yet most influential aspect of health and pain management. Posture is the foundation of efficiency the human body must have if we expect to live pain free. Learning how to just stand properly can have the most dramatic affect on your movement. Having a good posture is also a physically attractive asset. This is recommended before progressing onto harder programmes.

What Clients Are Saying

Training with Alice is never boring, she is always coming up with exciting new workouts. Over the last 2 years I have seen both my strength and stamina improve dramatically. Alice is full of encouragement and I feel a sense of achievement after every session

Vicky Elday

I’ve been training with Alice now for 4 years. She is wonderful. As someone who has anxiety about going into the gym and working out alone, Alice has broken those barriers and helped me achieve some fitness and mental health goals. Not only does Alice talk you through fitness, but she talks through your diet and how the two go hand in hand. I couldn’t recommend her enough. A kind, patient and wonderful personal trainer. She’s never getting rid of me!

Lewis Starr

I’ve had a great first few sessions with Alice. She explained all of the exercises really well and felt she had tailored the workout to suit me. Super friendly and easy to talk to, will definitely be continuing with my sessions with Alice

Amy Russell

Alice has been giving me PT sessions 2-3 times per week for the past year. She is an excellent trainer and puts a great deal of thought and planning into the sessions so that they are varied, interesting and adapted to my capabilities. She has a very pleasant personality and creates a very good working environment. I would highly recommend her.

Bridget Rock