Joe massaro


My name is Joe Massaro, I am a PT and the owner of The Fitness Project. After growing up in sport, my focus has led to the fitness industry which has been a big part of my life. I have played many sports at a high level ranging from football for Nottingham Forest to County Swimming. The gym has been massive for me in terms of bettering my performance and achieving my goals.

This has helped me mentally and physically. As I continue the journey in the gym, I want to help people along the way. With hours of research and training clients in the gym, i’ve gained lots of experience. I have built a strong ethos surrounding the gym which is to ultimately make my clients stronger with a focus upon endurance.


Lastly I just wanted to say my clients have worked very hard and are really consistent and willing to work. That comes from me being consistent as well and together my clients are coming out with great progress.


Lovely gym, very professional! Joe is great at what he does, makes you feel very comfortable, highly recommend.

I love training at the fitness project because its run by high class PTs and always access to equipment.

Always a pleasure to go workout with Joe always feels like a quality work. Since I started going to joe I have seen a massive improvement in my muscles growth, strength and my overall fitness.

What we offer?

Whatever your goal is we have you covered.