Bespoke 1 To 1 Training

I'm Harri.
Your Personal Trainer.

Having started my health and fitness course at 16 and first working on a gym floor at 16, I’ve been in the industry for 7 years. In this time I've studied and developed methods that make integrating fitness into your lifestyle seem effortless.

Measuring Progress:
I design customised programs to each individual's goals, with a range of exercises that I believe will help them develop. I measure progress during each session by tracking every rep, set, range of motion and time under tension. I ensure the quality of each session is always to a high standard, therefore never taking a step back and always making progress.

I strongly believe in keeping things simple when it comes to exercise and nutrition, keep it simple, but do it well.

Progressive overload :
Do the same as last session, just a little bit better. maybe one more rep? an extra set, posture was a little better? This allows us to make small, sustainable steps and reach a much more achievable goal.

Carb and Fat cycling Nutrition Programs:

Switching up your the nutrients with your daily intake, this way your body will never adapt to a certain energy source and can constantly use food as energy and burn body fat.

Flexible Dieting:

Teaching how to make foods fit into your diet without having to completely remove them. Focusing on nutrient timing, allowing you to use all your food as energy.


Having competed in a Junior Men’s Physique competition, I understand the importance of a strict diet and hard training. I have dialled down techniques that I used during the prep in this competition, adapted them and use them in everyday life. These techniques I use with my clients, sometimes they don't even feel like their dieting or training.


Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Level 3 Certificate Nutrition Diploma
Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship in Personal Training
Advanced Level 3 Certificate in Active Leisure and Learning Sector
Level 2 Health and Fitness Instructor

What can I do for you?

Start up, the first steps to burn body fat, grow stronger and feel fitter

This package is designed to build a strong foundation for your training. Learn the principles of compound exercises, muscle activation and techniques used in training sessions.

Junior Sessions

Discounted rate for 45 minute sessions. junior sessions focus on bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises to improve core strength, balance and co-ordination. These sessions can be adapted to be sports specific.

Nutrition plans custom to each individual

Flexible dieting nutrition plans can be purchased individually or included in a training package, In summary flexible dieting allows you to eat whatever you want, just in controlled amounts to fit your daily caloric intake.

Experienced Training

Training for those who are already familiar with the gym environment, exercise and diet techniques. This Package is designed solely for those wanting to push to the 100% maximum output mark.

What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been coached by Harri for a while now and he has helped me to enjoy living a healthier and happier life. Harri has kept me focused using his knowledge and expertise to provide education and training thats helped me to gain great results. Harri is approachable and knowledgable I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their health, fitness and mindset.


I have been training with Harri for just over two years. I never imagined it would be possible to improve my strength and physique so much in my mid-fifties. The journey is varied, challenging, and rewarding as I see new personal bests on a regular basis. This gives me a huge buzz! His training is holistic and includes elements of injury prevention and sage advice on general health and well-being. I’m really excited to see what we can achieve over the next 12 months.


Since I had my spinal cord injury I tried to figure out fitness & training for myself as I thought no-one would take the time to realise that what I can do is different to others but Harri has made me realise that I can do so much more than I thought was possible. He’s made me realise that the impossible is possible we just need to learn a new way to do it!


I have been training with Harri for the past 4 years, mainly to tone but also to take a few seconds off my parkrun time. The most effective part of the training is that Harri listened to what my goal was, and tailor-made a training plan to suit. As the goals changed so did the training sessions. It‘s a two way thing though, meaning, I have to listen too and understand that his effort into creating a training plan and the what and why the sessions are so has to be balanced with my effort to achieve. Keep coming back is my mantra.