Bespoke 1 To 1 Training

I'm Joe.
Your Personal Trainer.

Joe comes from an elite sporting background having played football at professional academy level throughout his youth. He has since moved onto starting his fitness career after studying sport at A-level and training to become a personal trainer. Joe uses sport specific methods to enhance athletic performance. This can be applied to a wide range of sports.

Level 3 90-Credit Diploma
First Aid Trained
Level 3 Personal Training

What can I do for you?

Sports Performance

Exercise routines designed to improve overall athletic performance. Key focuses are power output, increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Weight Loss

Sessions designed to reduce body fat percentage whilst increasing muscle mass.

Resistance training, progressive overload

Slowly increasing resistance on compound movement over time in order to build more muscle tissue.

Metabolic conditioning

High intensity exercise in a short period of time with additional stretching and recover exercises afterwards. This includes Foam rolling, muscle tension release, Ball trigger point release and PNF stretching.

What Clients Are Saying

I’ve always gone to the gym or exercised but was inconsistent and started to fall out of love with it. Since starting with Joe I go 3 times a week look forward to going and have made so much progress, couldn’t sing his praises enough.


I started training with joe right from the start of the fitness project and from the offset I was just doing it to keep busy but joe’s 1-1 training “made me actually enjoy the gym and reap the benefits of going he’s improved the physical side of me playing football massively and all for a reasonable cost💪🏼


Always a pleasure to go workout with Joe always feels like a quality work. Since I started going to joe I have seen a massive improvement in my muscles growth, strength and my overall fitness.


Joe has been brilliant in working with my specific needs and truly understands what is necessary to help me meet my goals. His detailed approach to nutrition and fitness plans has exceeded my expectations. He is always at hand when needed and is always very motivating.